Want to shred old CD collections to make room? We’ll show you how

Kobra shredders can help also in every day ordinary life’s duties.

All those old stuff used to be stored and piled up somewhere in the house can be easily removed. Kobra shredder helps you make room in your own room!

Here are some of the reasons why we can state Kobra has always the right solution for you.

Nowadays, shredders can not only destroy paper documents but also electronic, magnetic and optical devices. We are talking about CDs, DVDs, credit cards with or without microchip and, with the most innovative machines you can also shred smartphones, tablets and hard disks.

Those features are not only installed in the shredders for security agencies or super expensive models: you can reach this kind of performance even for your medium office or for your personal desk, sometimes.

Let’s find out which shredder perfectly fits your needs.

Clean up your office, shred CDs

Offices are often plenty of old CDs and other electronic devices that are quite unnecessary in the age of drives and clouds. If you want to make some room, Classic Line is the answer.

In the medium office section, there are more than 10 models that can shred CDs, floppy disks and credit cards.

The first machine we want to show you is called Kobra 240.1 S4: with its carbon hardened cutting knives and its high precision design, this shredder can destroy any kind of document with low power consumption.

Besides, its 24 hours continuous duty motor is perfect in the long run.

Finally, Kobra also thinks to the environment: the Energy Smart saves the energy costs and protects the planet.

Let’s talk about Kobra 240 SS5. The security level is a little lower than the one of the previous model, but its removable waste bin makes empty operation easy and the design is very pleasant.

The last but not least model we want to show you is Kobra 260 S4 that is perfect for who is searching for extra volume: it has an 85 liters high quality steel cabinet that holds a huge quantity of shredded materials.

Home shredding

If you are a cleanaholic or you simply want to protect your privacy, Kobra offers also a personal and deskside shredding solution.

In this case, machines that can destroy electronic and optical devices are a bit more uncommon, but three different Kobra lines can help you clean up your stuff.

Kobra+1 and Kobra+2 SS7 have almost the same features and they are both very performing. You can display shredded material level by the transparent bin window, but in the second model, the entries and the waste containers are specifically designed for the kind of media.

The line Kobra+3 provides a higher security level. Its shredding capacity is up to 14 sheets and with its 24 hour motor, this machine will exceed the needs of any busy office.

This shredder has also two separate sets of cutting blades that make you sure that the disposal of shredded material will be done with ease.

Are you ready to make room? Choose the shred you feel perfect for your needs and start destroying.

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