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Electronic data storage devices: are they actually unshreddable?

All of us, whether we work in an office or at home, often trash documents that have become unnecessary.

But do we know what’s being done with the documents we throw intact into the bin?

Anyone could go and spy on our documents, thus violating our privacy.

We often forget how important it is, indeed, to protect our privacy and the most important private pieces of information. Instead, these are issues that should never be underestimated. We should therefore take a few small precautions.

kobra 430 TSWhy having a paper shredder machine

By considering all this, surely the best purchase we can make to protect our privacy is a shredder machine.

A useful tool both at home and in the office. Its function is to preserve privacy, thus making the content of important documents, such as correspondence with the bank or strictly confidential information, indecipherable.

Thanks to this machine, documents can be safely deleted, without the fear of someone spying on them later.

There are many shredders on the market, basic or equipped, which should be chosen according to the context in which they are going to be used.

The most advanced shredders are those capable of destroying CDs and DVDs as well.

If you are interested in a shredder machine, consider all the models on the market and choose the one that suits you best.

kobra SSDIs it possible to destroy materials other than paper?

Is it hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s really true!

For some shredders it is also possible to delete CD-ROMs, DVDs, credit cards and even Smartphones!

Keep attention to the fact that almost all material we use in the office or at home is not printed, but collected in electronic data storage devices.

Being able to destroy these documents as well as paper represents an added value and not all shredders have this functionality: you should always check what the shredder machine is capable of shredding before making mistakes and get some part damaged.

If your shredder has this function, you can insert your electronic devices in the appropriate hairline crack for a complete privacy protection.

Any ideas? For example, our Kobra 430 Ts C4 is a Professional Touch Screen Shredder: a high-performance industrial shredder designed for large shredding throughput and continuous shredding operations.

 It has a convenient conveyor belt for easy feeding of material to shred: it can shred up to 130 sheets of paper at a time and also CDs, DVDs, Credit cards, floppy-disks.

Isn’t it enough?

Please, take a look at our Kobra Ssd-Hs Ssd High Security Disintegrator: a Solid State Drive shredder capable of destroying solid state drives, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads, USB memory devices, pen drives, tablets, circuit boards, credit cards and ID cards with embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, CDs/DVDs, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory equipped with an exclusive two stage of distruction system (HS Model).

What do you think? Are you ready to take care of your privacy?

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