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Shredding the evidence isn’t just a 007 matter

Today everyone discusses about privacy.

Privacy is referred to as all the procedures in which a person signs off to privacy policy, it can  be long and complicated passwords on a website, sensitive or personal data.

Initially each of us had to deal with this world and maybe at the beginning we did not pay so much attention: it was a very complicated and strange thing that seemed to be part of a James Bond film, surrounded by an atmosphere of espionage and secrecy.

In addition, the naivest people might have wondered: “But why would anyone be interested in violating my privacy, even stealing my identity?”

We will see now why this is a very important issue which should not be underestimated.

The importance of keeping your privacy “private”

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) became directly applicable in all States of the European Union.

The new legislation was considered necessary because both private companies and public authorities can collect and use personal data in exponential quantities.

Although today Google and Facebook (also composed of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram) own and sell all the personal data that concern us, the serious risks that this entails are still underestimated.

We should remember that Social Media really know our daily life: it is often said that it is not a problem because in the end we have nothing to hide. But Social Media really know our preferences in all fields: they know when and how many times we surf the net, where we are and where our friends are, what we write, how we react to the news, what we need … so they know our most private information, even the health information, more than we do.

So, do you really think that keeping your privacy safe is not an important matter?

A simple way to keep your privacy safe

The theme of privacy is certainly a worldwide issue and has various applications, in addition to everything related to Social Media.

In fact, the regulation obliges companies and organizations that collect the personal data of EU citizens to increase data protection measures.

In this way, companies are obliged to protect all personal data regardless of their registered office and storage server’s location. If failing to comply, the company will be fined up to 20 million Euro or 4% of the Global Revenue (whichever is greatest).

Which is a simple way to keep your privacy safe?

Both at home and at work you’d better to have a good shredder machine.

It would certainly be a good purchase for the privacy of both your customers and your company. Why so?

It would be better not to throw papers and documents in the waste bin without first having reduced them into strips or broken into small parts so that whatever was written or printed on them it is now illegible to anyone who could make their gaze fall on them even if only accidentally.

What do you think? Are you ready to take care of your privacy?

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