Kobra SSD: Solid State Device Destroyer

Do you think that a shredder can only destroy paper and documents? You are mistaken.

In our Industrial Line, you can find a complete range of heavy-duty document, smartphone and electronic storage device shredders.

In particular, today we want to show you our machinery capable of eliminating almost everything: we are talking about the SSD line.

Especially used in the industrial environment and by Secret Services and Secuirty Agencies all around the world, the features and benefits of this kind of shredder will leave you breathless.

Discovering Kobra SSD

Kobra SSD is a solid state drives/devices shredder capable of destroying a lot of different materials: solid state drives, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads and other kinds of tablets, USB memory devices, pen drives, circuit boards, credit cards and ID cards with an embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, CDs and DVDs, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory…enough?

Shredded material is reduced in particles of variable sizes and that is why we evaluate our product with a security level and a waste bulk reduction of 2/5.

This shredder is also equipped with an integrated internal state-of-the-art vacuum system with an HEPA air filtration system to ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe operating environment.

The air filtration system continuously transports air from different areas inside the machine.

The feed port is easy to access with it 240×25 mm, designed with a safety brush covering the complete entrance for safety and ease of feed operation. It is also possible to lock the machine with a feed hopper cover to prevent unauthorized access to the contents.

Talking of technologies, Kobra SSD is equipped with a continuous 24 hour duty motor and some illuminated optical indicators that clearly show the current status of the shredder.

Kobra SSD-HS: NSA approved

If you are looking for a high security disintegrator, Kobra SSD HS is a five-star shredder, as it has a strong security level and a massive waste bulk reduction.

This model destroys the same materials as the previous one, but it is also equipped with an exclusive two stage of destruction system.

Thanks to that, Kobra SSD HS reaches and exceeds NSA/EPL 9-12 requirements for the destruction of solid state devices; shredded material is reduced to sand-like texture particles.

The features of this shredder approved by the National Security Agency include:

  • electronic safety lockout and shut down monitoring systems for bin’s access door
  • bin full system with light signal
  • air filtration system
  • access door and feed hopper
  • automatic reverse in case of accidental jam and many others

Besides the continuous duty motor and the illuminated optical indicators, the most peculiar technologies in this shredder are the special two stage shredding system and the emergency stop switch, that immediately stops all machine functions.

Both the models are specifically designed for solid state devices, so pay attention: shredding of other materials will damage the unit.

The Kobra SSD has been the perfect device for solid state destruction application for over 30 years, just stick to it.

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