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Differences between strip-cutting and cross-cutting

Today everyone discusses privacy and all of us, whether we work in an office or at home, often trash documents that have become unnecessary.

But what about their disposal? Anyone could go and spy on our documents, thus violating our privacy.

Maybe at the beginning we did not pay so much attention to this matter and for this reason it is sometimes an underestimated matter.

But why is it so important and how can we keep it safe?

shredderThe importance of keeping your privacy safe

“I have nothing to hide”.

That’s pretty much a good reason for not providing yourself with a shredder.

But, unfortunately, this is not enough.

The mistake, in fact, is to think you know in advance which aspect of our life could cause us problems in the future.

Today literally every aspect of our life has its digital version.

We communicate via chat or e-mail, tell our whole life on social networks, we buy, we book and we pay online, we access many public services online (such as relating to health, tax, active policies).

The “metadata”, that is the time when we make a purchase or the speed with which we click on a site or from where we type, are tracked.

With the help of psychology and cognitive sciences, this information tells a great deal about us. None of the services we have become accustomed to in the past ten years would not be possible without data.

Wouldn’t it be better to protect them? Speaking about paper and electronic data, for example shredders allow us to clean up when we no longer need this data.

We also know that nowadays there are also digital document shredding machines, which allow you to destroy not only paper documents, but also iPads and iPhones, as well as other electronic documents.

hdd shredderType of cut

Professional shredder machine can have two cutting classifications: the strip one or the fragment or cross cut one.

With the cut in strips the sheets undergo a cut in strips which is certainly ideal for the security of everyday documents.

Instead with the cut in fragments the paper is cut into small rectangles and this guarantees a higher level of security.

In fact, the cut in fragments substantially reduces the volume of the destroyed paper, and so it guarantees a higher level of safety than the one in strips because it cuts the paper in small rectangles that are preferable to strips.

Another difference is found in the fact that the cut in strips, however, guarantees the possibility of cutting a greater number of sheets of paper in a single introduction compared to the others.

The cost of the machines certainly does not depend only on the type of cut, but obviously also on the speed of disintegration, on the number of sheets that can be inserted simultaneously.

What do you think? Are you ready to take care of your privacy?

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