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Paper shredder: a safe for your privacy

What do you do when you have to get rid of a receipt or another document, reporting your personal data?

Many people think that tearing up things into pieces and throw them away is enough. They do not realise that, if not properly shredded, documents can be easily put back together. That is, indeed, how many scam and thief of identity have been realised. That is why, when you are handling sensitive data, you have to destroy them in the right way.

How? You can use a paper shredder.

Kobra has a model for any occasion and a wide range of prices which accommodate everyone’s needs; from the scrupulous citizen to the busy businessman, anybody can protect their data. But you always have to make the right choice. Let us illustrate all the main features of our products so that you can buy the perfect shredder, tailored to your very own needs.

paper shredderShredding patterns: choose the right one

Shredders from the Classic Line can cut the papers you want to eliminate in two different ways: straight cut and cross cut. In general, straight cut shredders are useful to destroy much more documents at a time – not only paper, but also CDs and credit cards – compared to the other type of machines.

The cross-cut one, however, guarantees a higher level of security given the smaller parts in which any sheet can be reduced. It destroys the paper in two directions at the same time, making the reassembly of documents very complex. This particular feature makes it perfect for any kind of user, at home as well as in an office. So, to choose the most suitable machine, it is important to consider the confidentiality of the data in the first place.

Finally, it is possible to purchase a lot of different technology, from the Automatic Compacting System to the 24 hour continuous motor. These innovations are available in many different products, for medium offices or for industrial use. For the elimination of highly confidential data, Kobra has invented shredders that can destroy optical media.

This type of technology was initially thought for governments and military agencies only, but now it is not the case anymore.

shred paperPersonal and deskside machines

We tend to think that shredders are machines only suitable for big security departments and for intelligence. However, a basic level of safety can be granted even if we are talking about personal and deskside shredders.

Nevertheless, when buying a paper shredder, it is important to always keep in mind the number of people who will be using it. So be careful and look at the size of the machine and at its motor.

The Kobra+2 line is perfect for a professional work environment, thanks to its capacity of shredding up to 27 sheets at a time while the models of Kobra+3 collection will exceed the needs of any busy office.

Finally, Kobra Hybrid is equipped with a new system that allows operating through the stored energy, saving money and protecting the environment. The last thing to consider purchaising a shredder is budget. There are a lot of different models and, depending on sizes and features, there may be a big difference among them.

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