Turbo Boost System: destroy at the speed of light

Who runs a business knows how many pieces of paper containing hot information fly all around the office and if they fall into the wrong hands it could be a massive thread for the entire establishment.

That’s why managers and bureaucrats take care of their documents dismissal which is quite a hard activity at times. The storage of high-security docs and devices can require large archives and a lot of available space in the office.

When the documents are not needed anymore, why not just get rid of them by simply shredding them in the most secure and trustworthy possible way? With the right tools it’s an easy operation, at least simpler than collecting, arranging and storing them in an archive’s shelf.

All you’re required to do is providing yourself with the a documents and devices shredders. It’s not just a matter of high performance but also speediness.

Kobra shredding machinery is developed in order to destroy paper and hard equipment successfully and as quickly as possible.

Turbo boost for extra shredding capacity

“Turbo Boost” shredders can increase the destructive capacity by approximately 30%.

Activating extra power can also eliminate paper blockages so that in case of a paper jam, the Turbo Boos helps sorting the problem out. No more messy paper particles on the floor and no more clean-ups after a paper jam, thanks to the latest technology advancements.

Kobra shredding machines that ensure the jam will feed right through the cutting mechanism and into the waste bin. This patented design is an exclusive feature now available on selected KOBRA shredder models.

A specially designed electronic control module allows the paper shredder to operate in two different modes.

The standard mode implies paper shredder to operate according to its standard features and rating for normal operation.

While the Turbo Boost Mode activates by pressing the Turbo button located on the top cover and in this manner the cutting capacity of the machine is temporarily increased by 30%.

Kobra Turbo Boost shredders feature unbelievable shredding power.

Multipurpose and multimedia straight cut shredder equipped with Turbo Boost

Multifunctional, straightforward and efficient, Kobra Shredders equipped with Turbo Boost system are meant to deliver extra shredding capacity.

When a  Kobra shredder features a ‘Turbo Boost’ system means the ‘Turbo Boost’ button, in the control panel,  increases the shred capacity from 17 to 22 sheets at a time. It also has a throat size of 9.5 inches, which is ideal for this sort of job.

This considerably reduces shredding time of models like Kobra 240 SS4 straight cut shredder or Kobra 240 C4 turbo cross cut shredder, making it more efficient.

This  Kobra office shredder, belonging to the classic line,  has a shredder speed of 7ft. /min and it shreds the paper or plastics into pieces measuring 1/8″ x 1/8″. It has a noise level of 61 dba, which makes it ideal for use in those environments where there is the need for a quiet atmosphere.

 Kobra Turbo Boost shredders make the difference for their unbelievable shredding power- up to 50 sheets of paper in one passonly this updated technology can provide.

 Moreover the bright Turbo light indicates reactivation of the Turbo Boost after each use.

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