Touchscreen: the Shredders in Line with Times

Efficiency, elegance and high technological level. These are the features that make the Touch Screen Shredders Line by Kobra a completely new ally to protect your data. The touch-screen controls are very sensitive and are activated by simply touching the panel.

The TS Line has an EPC – Electronic Power Control System. This means that by using a series of illuminated optical indicators, the operator can control the shredding load and avoid jams, to optimize the shredding process. These optical indicators show the current status of the machine and light up when the machine is into power saving stand-by mode or when the cutting knives need to be oiled.

New Technologies are our Mission

TS Line by Kobra is the most technologically advanced on the market. Even though each model has its own characteristics and its own optional, all the models has a common base technology.

  • Continuous duty shredding. With this function, Kobra shredders are equipped with a special motor that allows the machine to operate without stopping and overheating, maintaining maximum destructive efficiency all time long.
  • Metal Chain Driving System. Kobra’s steel gears and metal chain system offer superior reliability and resistance to wear in comparison with cheaper plastic chain. Moreover carbon hardened cutting knives are unaffected by staples and metal clips.
  • Energy Smart. When the machine has not been used for longer than 8 minutes it goes into automatic power-saving stand-by mode and can be restarted by inserting new material to be shredded.
  • Maximun Power Saving. If the machine has not been used for 4 hours it automatically disconnects from the main power supply.
  • Automatic Feeder. Shred up to 170 sheets, insert all the documents in the Automatic Feeder that will shred automatically each document and turn into stand-by mode when the shredding process’s over.
  • Separate sets of knives. Shredding Machines by Kobra that are designed to shred also CDs, DVDs and credit cards have two entry openings and two separate sets of cutting knives to separate the paper outcomes from those of other supports.

Paper shredder for everyone, everywhere

The Touch Screen Shredders Line is designed to be used in different work environments. The shredding requirements for domestic use or for an office with many employees are not definitely the same.

In a large office the amount of paper material or the type of support in need of destruction is indeed very different, compared to domestic demands.

The level of security varies as well, since offices and companies must comply with the protection regulations of both employees and customers’ data.

The destruction method of the TS Shredder Line is suitable for destroying different types of support, following different safety criteria. For these reasons each model has different characteristics.

All models in the line are suitable for destroying paper-based media. As for the destruction of other types of media such as CDs, DVDs, credit cards, microfilm or floppy disks, shredding may depend on the type of model. Models supporting paper and plastic destruction, feature a second bin that make the two types of waste distinguishable one another.

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