Devices or paper to be shredded? The bigger the size, the greater the fun

The first thing coming to someone’s mind when looking at our Kobra Industrial Line is likely to be a question sounding like “how is it possible to crumble into pieces a solid state device?”.

Here we come with an explanation on how a Kobra performs and succeeds in processing heavy duty documents, smartphones and electronic storage devices.  

Kobra HDD, Kobra SSD and Kobra Cyclone are included in the mighty and powerful Industrial Line going way far beyond the simple paper shredding of ordinary shredders on the marketplace as well as exceeding even the highest expectations.

Sizes don’t count when facing a Kobra

Deleting data from a HDD (hard disk drive) is far from being the safest way to protect and delete secrets. The physical support where they are stored on needs to be destroyed as well. And the hard drive destruction machines guarantee maximum protection of data security.

Kobra HDD Shredders fast and safely process Hard Disk Drives up to 3.5 “, LTO, Ultrium, magnetic tapes up to 3.5”, CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray Optical Media, Credit and Identity Cards, USB sticks, Solid State (Phones and PDAs).

Thanks to high carbon steel cutting knives there is no room for a mission impossible.

The new KOBRA HDD, equipped with a 24-hour continuous operation engine with a low noise level, is able to reduce the digital media devices in 40mm fragments, making data recovery pretty impossible. The powerful and massive KOBRA HDD destructor is capable of destroying up to 280 hard drives per hour, using the electricity supplied by a standard single-phase power outlet.

KOBRA HDD is equipped with the most advanced Touch Screen technology on the market today. The functions of the machine are activated simply by touching the panel, the luminous optical indicators clearly show the status of the machine.

The powerful gear system of Kobra HDD shredder can split hard disk drive into small pieces to make it impossible to obtain data from it.

Behind the scenes of Kobra Cyclone’s technology

Kobra Cyclone is equipped with a turbine generating a high pressure air flow and a set of high speed rotating blades.

By making the air stream spin, particles undergo centrifugal forces and get deposited from the air flow into the disposal bag. This unique shredding system, delivers the highest shredding performance and efficiency along with maximum flexibility in choosing the correct security and bulk reduction level for a given application.

Cyclon does not require a special maintenance. Forget about the complexity of the oiling procedures that other machines with similar output rates do.

Cyclone is designed for high volume shredding ensuring a nonstop smooth operation.

Kobra Cyclone on a regular basis can reach an impressive shredding output of 420 kg (940 lbs) of paper per hour without requiring any maintenance.

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