Guillotines: For Cutting With Surgical Precision

Guillotine? Not the one you’re figuring out. You can sleep soundly, Kobra’s guillotines are indeed not meant for beheading.

Office guillotines designed and produced by Elcoman are equipped with a main feature called Kobra “Super Cut” system which is nothing but a high quality 65 degrees sharpened cutting blade which delivers smooth, accurate and reliable cuts.

Tons of paper documents can be trimmed depending on the model, with the Kobra 460-A allowing up to 30 sheets at a time, cutting documents has never been so easy and convenient.

Kobra Guillotines are designed for almost any cutting job and for a variety of materials: paper, adhesive and photographic tapes and films, aluminium foils, balsa wood, celluloid, cork, felt, flannel, gold-sheet, latex, leather-smooth, nylon, PVC and plastic films and rubber-sheet.

No more time wasted on manually cutting sheets one by one or begging scissors not to jam in the middle of the cut with the high precision cutting Guillotines by Kobra.

Accuracy, Smoothness and Durability: this makes a Kobra Guillotine unique

Guillotines by Kobra provide accuracy, smoothness and durability. You know why?

Because all the models are equipped with the “super cut” system featuring special carbon hardened steel blades unaffected by the wearing action of the materials to cut and, therefore, they provide long lasting cutting operations with the same cutting precision and efficiency through the years.

Solid steel base, hand safety guard, some models have also gear driven front paper bar for perfect paper alignment.

Office models as Kobra 360-M  are high performances desktop guillotines, suitable for small offices, convenient and easy to use while they’re also a good value for money.

They also include manual paper press, metal built-in hand safety guard and adjustable back gauge.

They are made up of a solid steel base with screen printed paper sizes in cm and inches.

Pick up your guillotine, make a long-lasting deal

On the other hand models like Kobra 360-A or Kobra 460-A   are meant for massive cutting porpoises, allowing 25-30 sheets at a time.

They can meet almost any cutting criteria thanks to their specific features:

  • Innovative automatic and progressive paper press
  • Special transparent Lexan hand safety guard
  • Adjustable back gauge
  • Carbon hardened steel precision blade and counter blade
  • Solid steel base with screen printed paper sizes in centimetres and inches
  • High cutting capacity and extra-large cutting width for model Kobra 460-A

All Kobra Guillotines and Trimmers are made up of the highest quality materials according to and complying with ISO 9001:2008 standards and in accordance to the British Safety Standards BS 5498.

 Cutting the exact piece of paper within the given dimensions has never been such a straightforward process.

Kobra guillotines can guarantee the smooth operation of any cutting job.

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