Office or home shredding? No point in picking out

Being an office manager or running a company doesn’t mean your business is physically placed and based somewhere out there.

People are more and more often dealing with smart working. Wherever the place your working stuff is located, the shredding load of paper, documents, devices, containing no longer required data is not going to vanish.

That’s the main reason why your shredder should be compact, not bulky, easily mobile, in case you need or want to move your office out, for example, to your place.

The Classic Line grants the highest shredding and security performances with the widest choice of shredding solutions ever.

For office duties to be undertaken both in and out standard offices.

Personal and Deskside Shredders

At Elcoman we know how to make an easy-peasy yet highly professional domestic shredding experience.

Choose the options to customize your shredder and make it perfect to meet your shredding requirements, even at home.

Basic models such as Kobra C1 is exactly what an home based business should never be missing out.

Kobra C1 indeed is the entry level model of the KOBRA Classic line, but offers great performances and reliability, in order to meet personal and office shredding needs.

While is also the end result of an intensive development project.

It has been designed with mechanical solutions that are specifically with no electronic components and a single and sturdy mechanism that makes this product capable to handle the heaviest personal shredding jobs with unmatched reliability.

Likewise a step forward has been done with the production of Kobra +1 SS7.

A shredding capacity of up to 27 sheets at a time makes it convenient and easy to operate.

It shreds CDs, DVDs and credit cards by inserting them into the wide and convenient throat.

It can rely on carbon hardened cutting knives unaffected by staples and clips.

Best shredders for small-medium size offices? Some hints

Some personal and deskside shredders are meant to be fitting both single users and small-medium size offices.

The Kobra +2 line offers its user an unprecedented level of versatility.

With capacities up to 27 sheets and the mobile protection system, the +2 is the perfect addition to a professional work environment.

The Kobra +2 comes equipped with two sets of cutting blades.

The first for paper input, the second entry, designed specifically for media (CDs, DVDs, credit cards, etc.) feeds its shredded material into a separate waste container.

Other way, with capacities up to 14 sheets at a time and 24 hour continuous duty motors, the Kobra +3 will exceed the needs of your busy office environment.

It also shreds crumpled paper using the revolutionary new “THROW AND SHRED” System with its special automatic feeder with rotating flaps.

But where does the real advantage of Kobra+1, Kobra+2 and Kobra+3 lie? Definitely in the removable waste bin. Shredders cutting head is commonly quite heavy to uplift, having a handy detachable waste bin help you cope with it making emptying operations far easier than any other shredder

The wider the offer the easier the choice.

It’s only up to you whether to work from home or from the office, in any case Elcoman provides you with the best suited shredder.

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