What is and why is it important to have a paper shredder?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a shredder is “a machine or other device for shredding something” or “a snowboarder”.

As much as we like winter sports, what we care more about is the advantage of being capable of destroying sensitive documents.

Indeed, for us a shredder is not yet another bulky object in your office: it is a vital machine for the protection of your privacy and an ally for your cleaning sprees that helps you hide your deepest secrets.

Home, office, big company, or security department: a shredder will always be alongside important matters to be shredded.

In this article, we will show you all the benefits of having a paper shredder and why Kobra is the right choice for every need.

Best 3 benefits of shredding

  • Privacy: if you think that turning to pieces the copy of your ID is enough to protect your identity or that throwing away that letter from the bank without cutting it is the smartest choice, you get it wrong.

A shredder lets you protect your privacy by destroying paper and any other material such as electronic and optical devices.

  • Cleaning and tidiness: with our machines, you can eliminate any document, CD, or expired credit card that you want to throw away. It is the straightest way to make room and keep your home or office neet.

Furthermore, thanks to the newest Kobra technology you can also destroy smartphones, tablets, and hard disks you don’t need anymore.

  • Saving the planet: maybe you think that having a shredder is a waste of energy and money. Actually, Kobra devices combine high performances and an environmental friendly attitude.

Thanks to the Energy Smart System and the shredders from the Hybrid Line, you can store energy and use it during the shredding process.

Different environment, different shredder

Shredders are not all the same: there are different models tailored to everyone’s distinct needs.

In particular, what is important is the space you will be using for your shredder, the number of documents destroyable per day, and the frequency in discharging the waste container.

First of all, if you need a personal or a deskside shredder, you are addressing to the models from our Classic Line. We have devices featuring a range of security levels, dimensions, and shredding output (how many sheets can be shredded per hour).

Otherwise, if you are looking for something more “high spec”, check out the Touch Screen Line: the most advanced shredders with touch screen technology and exclusive unique optionals available.

Last but not least, if you want a shredder capable of destroying heavy duty documents, you can take a look at the models from the Industrial Line.

This kind of shredders is just meant for industrial purpose and it complies with recognised international safety standards.

In conclusion, whatever your needs, you can rely on Kobra for the choice of the most suitable, powerful, and efficient shredder.

Check out our website for further information on each and every model.

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